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Veterinary Surgery (Sad Dog)

Veterinary Surgical services:

We offer both routine and advanced surgeries on dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and pocket pets. This means Dr. Hurlbert, Dr. Bale and Dr. Wiltsie both can perform anything from spays and neuters to complicated wound repair to abdominal exploratories. Our staff takes every precaution to insure that your pet receives the safest anesthesia. Before surgery, a pre-anesthetic exam and blood testing is required. Pre-anesthetic ECG consultation with a Cardio-Pet board certified cardiologist is highly recommended and available. During anesthesia, all pets are personally monitored by a veterinary assistant as well as by advanced equipment to monitor ECG, temperature, oxygenation, carbon monoxide and blood pressure. All pets receive pain management both during and after surgery to provoide them with a comfortable recovery.